We provide hotels with a free way to take a step into modern hotel technology. The Vayco+ platform provides hotels with a complimentary digital application that helps: 


  • Increase staff efficiency

  • Offers a new way to engage with guests onsite

  • Adds a more environmentally friendly value to the guest experience

We offer our platform free of charge for our partner hotels, and we would love to work with you. Let’s discuss more, schedule a demo today.

Immediate benefits

1. Add more value to your guest's stay by allowing access to all your property information and amenities directly from their phone app.

2. Add in your local favorite attractions, restaurants and activities to add a personal touch.

3. Make changes to your app interface in seconds through your personal web dashboard.

4. Send notifications to your guests about your events or even local happenings to make them feel like this is their "home away from home".

5. No Integration is required to get started for easy set up and utilization.

The Vayco+ Platfrom is completely free for both hotels and users. No games, no hidden fees, and a risk-free solution to moving forward in the digital age.

Why free for hotels?

We believe that a digital hotel application is an intuitive, engaging and environmentally-friendly approach to enable the travel industry to improve the guest experience. We envision travel as a connected experience of the destination and want to encourage guests to connect and engage with other travelers, explore, and make new memories. We provide our platform as a free service, which allows us to partner with hotels and properties of all sizes, and offer tour and excursion bookings to the users to make their vacations even more memorable.

How it works

1) Download the Vayco+ app in Google Play or The App Store. Search “Vayco+”


2) Guests scan your property’s unique QR Code to have access to your custom property info.

3) The guest will input all their stay information so they can access your property for the duration of their stay.

4) Guest is able to easily have access to all information about your hotel, and you can even post messages and provide offers.

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– Levi Fistrovich, CEO and Founder

“We wanted to create a platform that was both beneficial for hotels along with the environment so we did just that. Our platform has helped provide hotels with a modern update to their guest experience and in return is helping to save countless trees through the process. We wanted our platform to be free of any finacial barrier's in order to help make a larger and glabal impact."

Help your guests experience more!